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Got a new Tata Nexon EV

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An EV Vehicle!

I got my Nexon EV about 3 months back and I have already travelled about 2000+ km with it. I think it is probably the best asset decision I have taken in a long time.

The car is manufactured by Tata and it was recommended to me by my uncle while scouting for a car to replace the current Maruti Breeza. I needed something that had a good height clearance from the ground given the fact that I travel on highway and tea estate roads. I also took note of the fact that I do not travel very long distances in a day, probably 15 kms on average and a max of about 100 kms if I were to go to Coimbatore and come back the same day from Coonoor.

After taking a test drive and feeling comfortable about the car ride, I did some research and noticed that it had all the features I need. The ones that mattered to me were:

  • Good clearance from the ground
  • Reasonably comfortable - This proved to be very comfortable on the wheel and in the seat
  • Seat in the rear suitable for a baby carrier
  • Enough boot space - The Nexon’s bootspace is effectively larger than my previous Breeza’s

I guess all these fit in well. An electric vehicle seemed good to have. I have trusted electrical technology as I have been using solar panel generated electricity for running the office I currently work at. I also took note of the fact that I do not have to fear the quality of the diesel or petrol that gets loaded - I hear a lot of spurious grades being used a reputed fuel stations.

Tata’s service team was also reassuring. All our concerns on battery tech - foolish and relevant - were answered well and they did mention about the replacement warranties, service times, regular checks, mobile app enabled debugging etc. Also, the service centre being about 20 kms away from home makes it easy to reach in case of maintenance service and emergency.

3 months into the EV

I shall summarize with the following note:

  • The car is super powerful, effective on climbing rash slopes like a breeze
  • The vehicle is attractive and I have had numerous people ask me about the car and the green nameplate
  • The Nexon EV does exactly what I had in mind for safety and functionality
  • The regeneration technology is awesome as I drive down the hills. I have found my battery only increase in capacity while travelling on some stretches
  • I did not know about the sports mode, it is insane to say the least

There are a couple of minor adjustments I had to go through with the automatic transmittion, I just hoped it was a lever rather than a rotor. I guess we get used to these things, though I feel more secure with the lever. It is hard to imagine my kid sitting in the front seat and playing with the rotor while driving. The other adjustment was the sound factor. I have had to honk more often to humans and animals (goats, squirrels and avians) as the Nexon EV is too quiet for Indian roads. I like the quiet but it is not safe for others around me as they do not realize that I have already inched upon them.

So if you are thinking of buying an electric vehicle, there is no doubt I’d recommend you to try the Nexon EV. I did not test too many vehicles, but with my limited knowledge and feedback, it has been very positive from likeminded folks.

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