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Helping out Friends

Once in I also help peers and friends with their businesses, especially when it comes to being online. The recent ones that I have helped on are:

Year - Company - Details

  • 2020-10 - Straton Group - This company had made the mistake of rebuilding and hosting an untested website as their main site. A no-no if you are understand this industry well enough. This lead to them working with Chlear, a website, social media and digital marketing company. The website is currently under development and I am confident this team will do a good job and make it a powerful, high performance informational website.
  • 2020-10 - KS Engineers - S-EVAK is a ventilator Aadarsh and team designed and prototyped in response to COVID-19 in India. My support was limited to setting up some under the hood elements on the website. I wish them all the success in the venture.

Sachin Sancheti

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