Reinstigating my love for LEGO

Reinstigating my love for LEGO


My love for LEGO started when I very young. I started with simple designs like building a small home with a door and a window. That was generally sufficient to keep me occupied when I was young. I guess the maids and mom could feed me with more ease when I was mentally occupied by this cool toy.

As I grew older I began learning the theory of building things stronger and aesthetic. When I talk about aesthetics, I mean colour usage, designs and schemes. Brick arrangements on the other hand contributes to the strength of the structure as well as the aesthetics. To me, it was pleasant to see something symmetric to the brick's edges.

I learnt what it meant to persevere and keep searching for a part for hours together. Sometimes these parts are so tiny that it is like finding a needle in the a stack of hay. LEGO also taught me to be resourceful - I had to always make do with the parts given to me. I remember as a kid that I would keep a general count of special parts in my head so that when I build something, I know what are the possible constraints I could face and what could be an alternate to overcome. Continuous improvement is one thing I strived for, sometimes marginally, at other times drastically. Each step would take me further in a specific direction, hoping that I will reach my goal. This risk to take a path into the unknown gave me the chance to explore new combinations and new fanciful creations I could make. I found the reward was greater than the risk as most of the time, I came up with an excellent creation, much better than expected. Yes, many a time I did rewind by about 90% of the way, but that wouldn't stop me to explore a new pat, but again, there is no gain without pain.

LEGO also kindled my creativity. I remember making a lot of trains, cars and homes and always found something new I could add on. Many a time, I would just think out of the box and change the way things must look to give it a new feel. There was a time when I started building lego with mechanical components and that's a time when things took a major leap. I started combining motors, non-LEGO components, screws and bolts with LEGO to generate some synergies. I found it really fascinating that I could combine LEGO with anything and that made me dream of having a home just built with LEGO.

I just started playing with LEGO after 12 years and I can definitely feel a strong bond, forgetting all work that surrounds me and focussing on just building something till the time I feel I have attained a sense of peace.

I never taught that LEGO would become a guru to me. For many it is still a toy, but for fanatics like me it can be things from a baby sitter, a trainer, a creative studio tool kit, a time-killer, a source of joy and meditation. I hope you too get a chance to work with LEGO and spend hours together with a deep spiritual connection.